When quality and style matter.

Welcome to ILS.

Welcome to ILS, Intelligent Lectern Systems, your premier source for lectern and e-podium solutions. We have a wide range of touch screen intelligent lecterns for sale, for use in boardroom, classroom, university and at events. ILS- when quality and style matter.

Our ILS intelligent lectern family:

ILS22 lectern




ILS27D lectern


ILS16 lectern






All our lecterns and epodiums are stylishly designed and solidly built from high quality materials

  • solid aluminum 4 - 6 mm thick is applied for durability with style, designed to last as long as the room it is in, virtually impossible to make a dent
  • instrumental in user comfort is our generous adjustable height control in all new lecterns
  • lecterns and e-podiums allow seated use and meet ADA, DDA compliance regulation
  • our lectern systems offer finger touch and/or interactive pen control
  • find some of the most advanced technologies applied in our lecterns ¹)
  • apart from the most compact classroom system we use high resolution monitors in the 22" category and up for main interactive display
  • the SpeakersCorner teaching lecterns come at your choice with the ILS side-sight module ²) for highest level of control and integration flexibility
  • the Synergy family of presenter lecterns offers a standard platform with rapid exchangeable technology or simple lectern surfaces, with optionally integrated touch control systems and audio integration
  • upgrade modules are available or planned to keep your system current for years to come
  • ILS strives for lowest cost of ownership

1) such as the 31” single glass sheet of the ILS22 that controls monitor, keyboard, room controls, i/o, relays, annotation, mouse and more with full plug and play multi touch.

2) A pull out drawer or insert-able side table with tilt 12-14" touch monitor, with VGA/USB connectivity, USB hub, card reader, an integrated document camera and teleprompter.

View all our lecterns

Lectern Presenting functionality
ILS22M Present / control / audio
ILS21HL Present / Laptop switch
ILS11A Present from laptop
Lectern Teaching functionality
ILS12X Teach
ILS18iE Teach / control / audio
ILS24iF Lecture / control / stream / audio / camera

Do you have a meeting, presentation, training, seminar or conference?

All our lecterns are very user-friendly and feature large embedded touch screens. Several lecterns come with a choice of flexible options for audio and system control. Our intelligent presenter lecterns will allow you to run professionally organized events with seamless transitions from one speaker to the other. We have eliminated all distractions so your audience will retain what is being said much better.

You can even schedule your whole event in advance - including setting the allotted time per speaker, and queueing up all presentations - to ensure that speakers or a scheduled meeting don't exceed their allotted time. Improve your meeting productivity!

Our intelligent teaching lecterns pair reliability and looks with modularity and ease of integration. You can integrate any modern tool needed in education, for example: multiple displays, annotation device, document camera, recording and conferencing, and extensive media -, system - and room control. All our systems offer automated set up for control systems, secure access and locking, remote assistance capabilities and our presentation & annotation software is also included.

We are happy to advise you on the intelligent lectern and intelligent e-podium that best suits your needs, and allow you to turn your presentations into professionally run events. ILS has dealer partners around the world to help you integrate ILS solutions and assure your implementation is optimized and complete from day one.


Sho-Q Presenter software is specially written for touch screen lecterns. You can queue up multiple presentations for your event within a few minutes, regular users can increase interactivity as they can blend into the presentation any Word, Ecxel document, Pictures and Videos, Webpages and Interactive whiteboard functions.

The presenter controls all slideshow functions with one touch of his finger, has improved control over embedded video and flash animations and has annotation support from the lectern monitor. The presenter previews his/her notes and slides to keep his line of thought.

Room-Q, Remote-Q and Config-Q offer centralized assistance productivity, take over lectern functions remotely to assist presenters and teachers; and completely automate the setup of complex control system configurations.
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