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ILS expands its high-end line of lecterns with a mixed materials compact lectern solution to fit many environments in a very cost-effective way. The design combined with solid materials brings a stylish choice that is made for more mobility.

By developing a special corner aluminium profile, the construction of the lectern (podium) is greatly simplified yet very solid. As ILS has its reputation in building the highest quality aluminium lecterns machined from thick blocks/profiles and sheets, we had to apply our strengths to this design as well. The profile is also used to form the compact neck of the system. We have used aluminum, wood, brushed stainless steel/aluminum for panels and a thick glass on top.

Recommended use:

  • conventions
  • corporate
  • training
  • university

Technical specifications:

Width Cabinet (external): 360mm
Cabinet (internal): 300mm
Top surface (where you can place the laptop or notes): 483mm
Open shelf: 300 mm
Height User side: 1030 mm with casters
Audience Side: 1130 mm with casters
(casters height: 72 mm)
Cabinet with shelf: 790 mm
Between shelves: 135 mm
From bottom of the cabinet to the bottom shelf: 445 mm
Depth External with top surface: 492 mm
External cabinet only: 460 mm
Internal cabinet only: 410 mm
Top surface: 483 mm
Optional configurations Stainless-steel panels could be replaced by aluminium

A small additional hole with grommet is available to feed any cables to a laptop when placed on top

A logo may be placed using reverse printed acrylic glass placed in front of the neck segment
Features 2 x shelves using aluminium profiles

The cabinet will fit half rack equipment

Double bend microphone, which allows wrapping the mic around an open laptop

Secure equipment by means of Kensington security locks, a 3 gang power strip is placed in the rear and may be placed in any level

Mix of high-quality aluminium, wood, stainless steel and a thick glass is used

Layer of security glass with paper stop

A logo may be placed using reverse printed acrylic glass placed in front of the neck segment

4 x Lockable smart casters