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The ILS24B is an extremely solid built lectern that is made fully from aluminium and very strong drawer rail systems with magnetic locking to hold vibration-free a document camera on the top cover – when open or closed – or allows operation thereof from within a magnetically stabilized large side drawer.

The ILS24B offers extra-large internal ventilation capacity up to 300CFM for its 12 RU space - not available in previous models - and has a choice of configurations for the placement of the main monitor.

Pull out any of 4 cables to connect to a laptop or visualizer placed on the top cover. Operate a touch panel (Extron/Crestron) or iPad control system placed on a flexible arm over the main monitor for instant reach. (3rd party control systems are not included).

A shock-mount for a gooseneck microphone (optionally 2), microphones, audio mixer/amplifier, touch and or pen monitor, PC, matrix switchers, conferencing systems, players, transmitters etc can find a place in the 12 Rack Unit space behind lockable doors, up to 60 cm deep. (Front and back rack mounting) The cabinet may be placed on fixed feet, rollers or casters.

Recommended use:

  • training
  • classroom
  • university

Technical specifications:

Width Closed: 67 x 75 x 108,5cm User side height: 100cm Open top: 128,5 x 75 x 115cm Open top & drawers(keyboard): 174 x 75(100) x 108,5cm Top table: 66 x 56,5cm
Weight 115kg
Display Monitor space designed for: 21.5 QOMO QIT600 using its tilt stand (front fixed)
Camera drawer Side drawer to hold document camera: 50 x 51 x 16,5cm
with Electromagnetic lock for rigidity. Camera wired to be used
directly inside the drawer, optionally moved to the top table
Keyboard drawer 52 x 17,5 x 2cm. Located on the user side with push to open
Rack Rack compartment with two doors
12 rack units (Front and back rack mounting)
3 Rack shelves included
Locks Rack doors, camera drawer, audience side door locks.
Top table lock, EM-lock
Connectivity 1 x 4 cable holders for right side table use when laptop or document camera is placed
1 x XLR3 shock mount Monacor XLR-730JSM (optional Beyerdynamic ZSH20)
1x Cable cubby with 2 power socket (BS), HDMI/LAN/USB sockets
Ventilation 2 x active fans pushing air up from the rack (300CFM)
4 side-ways rollers, optionally lockable casters (increases system height +15 mm)