ILS Synergy GW-MS

Improve your presentation delivery. Present with ease and confidence.


ILS Synergy GW-MS

Be future proof! The Synergy GW-MS with 28" AIO Microsoft Surface Studio.

The Synergy GW-MS is the most perfect interactive PC presentation solution. An AIO PC holder is installed inside the working surface in such a way that the unique Microsoft Surface Studio is mounted with the monitor in its lowest position flush with the lectern head. This Synergy model is specially designed for the Microsoft Surface Studio and comes with two large internal cavities that can hold Crestron NVX350 or similar half rack devices on either side of the Microsoft PC foot.

This attractive lectern package comes on a straight 42 cm wide height adjustable pedestal that is machined out of strong thick aluminum. It has tilt ability(tilt mechanism is part of the Microsoft Studio PC) for a comfortable viewing angle. You can comfortably lean on the sides around the 28" display without risking disturbing the screen.

For mobility and rocksolid stability of the lectern during the presentation, four side-ways rollers are embedded in the bottom plate. Optionaly castors can be installed on the system to make it even more flexible.

Recommended use:

  • conventions
  • corporate
  • training
  • university


Top dashboard comes with:

  • One XLR socket is 3-Pin shock mount microphone socket.
  • Second can be configured as 3-Pin XLR for second microphone or 4-Pin for reading light.
  • Pedestal Up/Down buttons and 2 x USB sockets.
  • Horizontal side table for laptop

On the side:

  • Laptop connectivity: HDMI, USB-C
  • 2 x AC Power sockets

Technical specifications:

Width No side plates: 42cm pillar, 83cm top
With side plate: 129cm top
side plate size: 46cm x 38.5cm
Height User side min: 88cm, max: 133cm
Audience side min: 99cm, max: 144cm
casters add 5cm
Weight 85kg
Computer Support 28” Microsoft Surface Studio on articulating stand
Extra equipment 2 x half-rack devices
Side connectivity Laptop connectivity: HDMI, USB-C
2 x AC Power sockets
Top dashboard 1 x 3-Pin XLR Shock Mount for microphone
1 x extra shock mount 3-Pin XLR pin socket for microphone
(or 1 x regular mount 4-Pin XLR socket for the reading light)

Integrated computer expansion ports:
2 x USB Sockets for external USB devices

Ultra wide tablet holder for control panels and tablets with Charging cables (USB type-C; Lightning; micro USB;)
Bottom cabling External display connection 1 x HDMI and/or 1 x HDbaseT
Microphone output: XLR cable per microphone
1 x Switcher Control
1 x AC Power