ILS Synergy HT

Improve your presentation delivery. Present with ease and confidence.

ILS Synergy HT

ILS Synergy HT keeps the handrails exposed, where the WW-model optimizes the width of the wood. Custom integration of tablets is also possible with this system.

The preferred option for this lectern is the Audio Upgrade which will add a speaker array in the front, making the lectern a fully self-supporting speaking system for rooms up to 100 people.

There is also ample room inside the lectern to house additional control systems by creating space inside the wooden surface.

Recommended use:

  • conventions
  • corporate
  • training
  • university


Top dashboard comes with 2 x XLR microphone sockets:

  • One XLR socket is 3-Pin shock mount microphone socket.
  • Second can be configured as 3-Pin XLR for second microphone or 4-Pin for reading light.

Pedestal Up/Down buttons and 2 x USB sockets.
Horizontal side tables, a HDMI switcher, VGA connector loop-through.

Technical specifications:

Width No side plates: 20cm pillar, 70cm top
With side plates: 140cm top
side plate size: 36cm x 26cm
Height User side min: 80cm, max: 120cm
Audience side min: 94cm, max: 134cm
Weight 60kg
Computer Support Place you laptop on top surface or sideplates.
Wooden top surface size: 50 x 45
Handrails opened
Audio 1 x shock mount XLR socket
1 x regular mount XLR-3 pin Socket for microphone
(or 1 x regular mount XLR-4 pin for the reading light)
Optional 4 speakers integrated into the top with 280W amplifier.
Side connectivity panel Laptop connectivity: HDMI, DP, VGA and 3.5 Audio, Ethernet
Integrated computer expansion ports:
2 x USB Sockets for external USB devices
Top dashboard 8” wide tablet holder for control panels and tablets with integrated Apple Lightning and/or Micro USB charging plugs Integrated computer expansion ports: 2 x USB Sockets for external USB devices
Bottom cabling Second display connection HDMI of integrated computer
HDMI, DP, VGA and 3.5 Audio cables from connectivity side panel or integrated 4x1 HDMI switcher with one HDMI/CAT6 output cable in the bottom.
Ethernet, Power, Microphone output: XLR cable per microphone